Marian’s Evergreen School Status

Marian High School was honored in 2011 for its commitment to being environmentally friendly by obtaining both Michigan Green School status and Evergreen designation.

In order to receive the Green School status, schools must perform a series of green-friendly activities and then apply for the certification, detailing projects they have taken on.  To obtain the minimum requirements to receive certification, 10 activities following the guidelines must be met throughout the school year.  Emerald status is awarded to schools that achieve 15 green-related activities, and the Evergreen designation is awarded to participants reaching 20 qualifying activities.

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, Marian has been recycling everything from paper, magazines, newsprint to printer cartridges, batteries, cell phones to plastic, metal cans, glass and even clothing for years.  The Environmental Science class learns about alternative energy, participates in the annual River Rouge water quality monitoring project, and collects paper for recycling each week.  In addition the school’s maintenance department composts yard waste, uses fluorescent light bulbs, and orders green supplies for use throughout the school.

Many of these activities have been spearheaded by students in Friends of the Earth (FOTE), a Marian club founded to increase awareness of environmental problems and to give students the opportunity to take an active role in restoring and preserving the environment.  In fact, a Marian junior, assisted by Mrs. Tina Larson, FOTE moderator, completed the application for the Green School designation.  The student and Mrs. Larson presented the Green School flag to Sr. Lenore Pochelski, IHM, Marian president.

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