Marian High School has committed to advancing the use of technology in the classroom as a 21st century learning tool. Learning technology skills and outcomes is necessary in preparing students for college and beyond in a constantly changing world. Working to that end, Marian High School strives to offer students a variety of technology-related courses and increasing technology experiences in all classes.

Students will experience writing resumes, using styles and procedures for college term papers, and creating artistic fliers, brochures, and web pages using Microsoft Word. Studying Excel and PowerPoint will provide the skills necessary for in-depth use of these tools stressing data analysis methodologies and presentation skills. Other technology offerings include use of photographic hard/software, dedicated yearbook/publishing tools, Marian’s Library Media Center on-line data search/retrieval and web-based research solutions, and a variety of technology-related classes jointly offered with Brother Rice. The overall focus is on preparing students for daily living with the tools of technology.

Marian’s technology infrastructure includes building-wide Ethernet and WiFi networking, two student computer labs, Library Media Center workstations, specialized workstations (digital/video photography, journalism, layout), classroom ceiling mounted LCD projectors, and Internet access via fiber optic cabling.

In addition, Marian has 100 percent faculty use of school management software, classroom management software, and digital grade books including on-line student/parent access and posting of classroom material, progress reports, and grades.

Technology Staff

Mark Hallman  


Oakland University
Western Michigan University



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