An enduring tradition: guiding young women spiritually, challenging them academically, and inspiring them to a life of leadership and service.


Find your strength here. Become #MarianStrong

High school is a journey. A transformative experience that helps you discover the woman you were born to be. At Marian, our girls learn to become strong women of mind and heart. As an all-girl, Catholic school, Marian provides a unique educational experience. It’s a safe, nurturing environment and an empowering community that will help you find your strengths. At Marian, you’ll learn to believe in yourself, lead from within, rise to challenges and grow in faith. And now we have more scholarships and financial assistance than ever before, so more girls can become #MarianStrong. Whether you seek academic excellence, exceptional athletics or a strong foundation for your future, the lessons you’ll learn here will last a lifetime. See why Marian is the stronger choice.

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Strong sees the power of an all-girl education.

While our students and alumnae can attest to the power of an all-girl education. Research proves it. An all-girl high school education creates more confident, more independent and more successful women. And that leads to a stronger future.
  • Have higher self-esteem*.Graduates of all-girls’ schools rate their confidence in mathematics and computer science 10 percentage points higher than those of their peers from co-ed schools.
  • Are more interested in non-traditional subjects such as science and math*. Graduates from all-girls’ schools are three times more likely than their coed peers to major in engineering.
  • Are intellectually curious, serious about their studies, more self-reliant, and higher achievers*.Women graduates from single-sex high schools outscored their coed peers in composite SAT scores by 43 points.
  • Are empowered to become leaders, both inside and outside the school.Recently, Marian alumnae were valedictorians of their classes at University of Notre Dame and University of Detroit-Mercy.
  • Explore Marian and the world outside through a variety of rigorous course offerings, co-curricular opportunities, athletics, and outreach activities.Many Marian students wish to spend their school vacation participating in service activities, so Marian conducts up to three international mission trips yearly.
  • Excel in the classroom, on the field, on the stage, and in all areas. Just ask around or ask google. You’ll be impressed to learn all the amazing accomplishments Marian students and graduates are achieving in the community and the world beyond.
*Source: A study commissioned by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) titled “Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Differences in their Characteristics and the Transition to College.”

Strong welcomes all.

Since Marian draws from more than 42 communities, we have programs to help the girls build friendships and fellowship.  Our Freshman Friendzy is a spring welcome party in the spring, so girls can meet their classmates and exchange information. We have a Big Sister/Little Sister program where each Freshman is paired with a Junior mentor. We encourage all the girls to get involved in sports and extracurriculars at the beginning of the school year. And parents will also find many opportunities to volunteer, lead, participate, pray, cheer and show school spirit. 

Both student and parents will make new friends and create lifelong friendships.

Become #MarianStrong

A Day in the Life


Strong believes in her power.

Marian helps create strong women of mind and heart. As one of the best private and faith-based schools in southeastern Michigan, Marian High School helps students become women who lead from within. More than just a high school, Marian is a community that helps young women develop a strong core of wisdom, character, and service that will guide them throughout their lives. 


List of 2 news stories.

  • Marian Honors the 175th Jubilee of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    The IHM Sisters celebrated their 175th Anniversary of service and dedication to their Mission, Urged by the love of God, we choose to work with others to build a culture of peace and right relationship among ourselves, with the Church and with the whole Earth community; and their Vision, The IHM community envisions and is committed to bringing about the dream of God on planet Earth through respect for, nurturing of and promoting the liberation and well-being of all persons and all of nature as God’s good creation.
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  • Marian Faculty Member Featured in the Chaldean News

    Computer and Business teacher, Claudine Denha, had a feature story published in the Chaldean News over the summer. In the article Claudine describes the challenges that COVID-19 has presented for herself and the Marian faculty as a whole, and how those challenges were met.
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115 Reasons to Attend Marian


Strong learns to do better… and better.

Marian High School, founded in 1959, has dedicated itself to providing an exemplary Catholic college preparatory program for young women.  Accredited by the AdvancED Coommission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the academic program offers many opportunities for academic and intellectual growth by providing college preparatory classes, honors classes, and Advanced Placement courses.  Leadership and community service experiences are embedded in the life of the school. 


Strong goes the distance.

Become a stronger team player. Why does Marian win so many state championships? It’s teamwork. Championship teams are built by working together. Marian athletes are not just stars in Michigan sports, they win in life, learning commitment, accountability, and faith in the journey. 

Athletic News

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  • Five Marian Seniors Sign National Letters of Intent

    Winter 2018-Five Marian High School seniors signed national letters of intent to play their sports in college next year. Neve Badalow will play soccer for Michigan Tech; Jansen Eichenlaub will play soccer for the University of Virginia, Katie Sullivan will play soccer for Western Michigan, Mallory Lynch will play volleyball for U of M-Dearborn and Claire Stechow will play tennis for Wittenberg University.
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Campus Ministry

Strong makes a difference in the world.

Become stronger in faith. Marian is a Catholic school that welcomes students of all faiths. Campus Ministry offers experiences that support students in their spiritual growth and engages them in leadership and service both in the school and around the Metro Detroit area.

Student Life

Strong blazes her own path.

Become a stronger leader.  All-girls’ schools provide more opportunities to lead. At Marian, every student can customize a mix of co-curricular activities so she can find her strength and let it shine. Whether it’s student government, the arts, community service, or something else, Marian provides leadership opportunities for all.

List of 1 news stories.

  • Marian artists Rachel Fisher, Zoe Ryder, and Katie Balardo were top award winners in a juried student art exhibit sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Monroe, MI.  The IHM Sisters sponsor Marian and other Catholic schools in the Detroit area.

    Marian Artists win Awards at Exhibit

    Three Marian High School art students won top awards at the “Care for our Common Home” juried student art exhibit, sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The exhibition, held in conjunction with Earth Week, follows the environmental theme of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si.  The art exhibit runs at the IHM Motherhouse in Monroe, MI through May 22.
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Strong can go anywhere.

Welcome back!
Perhaps you can’t be 17 again. But you can feel like it. When you reconnect with Marian, with old classmates and current students, you’ll be surprised how young it will make you feel. Whether your hair was a bouffant, teased, permed, long or in a sloppy bun… Whether you listened to folk rock, hard rock, alternative, R&B, rap or grunge…Whether you wore your plaid skirt long or rolled it short… Styles come and go, but the heart of Marian is still the same. And if you have a little place in your heart for Marian, for the girl you used to be, and how it shaped you in part to be the woman you are now, we invite you to come back. Get involved. Volunteer your time. Share your wisdom. And give what you can to ensure Marian will be strong for generations to come.


Our alumnae, parents, faculty/staff, and friends are critical to the success of our giving programs.  As we shape the future of Marian High School, we ask that you continue to invest in Catholic education for our young women.

Marian High School

7225 Lahser Road Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301
PHONE: (248) 644-1750
Marian High School, an IHM sponsored school, is fully accredited by NCA CASI, an accrediting division of AdvancED.

Marian is a Catholic college preparatory school for young women, sponsored by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The mission of Marian is to ensure, within a Christian environment, an excellent education built on a strong academic curriculum, which will enable young women to value human diversity and live responsible lives of leadership and action based on gospel values.

An enduring tradition: guiding young women spiritually, challenging them academically, and inspiring them to a life of leadership and service.