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Faculty Workshop Examines Integration of Faith and Reason in the Classroom

At Marian High School, our dedication to providing young women with an excellent education based on gospel values is paramount. Recently, we had the honor of hosting John Brahier, founder of the Fides Et Ratio Project, who collaborated with faculty and staff to actualize this mission in our classrooms.

Brahier emphasized the importance of marrying faith with reason, a principle deeply rooted in Catholic tradition. He also highlighted the transcendentals of the faith—truth, goodness, and beauty—as means to infusing faith in the curriculum.

Reflecting on the workshop, Brahier expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with Marian faculty. "It was a pleasure working with the Marian team to explore how an understanding of data related to young people's experiences with faith can inspire our work in Catholic schools, particularly in the classroom," said Brahier.

The Fides Et Ratio Project partners with educators to provide resources and formation so that they are equipped to bring the Catholic faith to life for their students. In addition to his work with Fides Et Ratio, Brahier serves as the Archdiocese of Detroit Department of Catholic Schools’ associate superintendent for Catholic culture, where his work focuses on helping schools in living out their Catholic identity.

“Our mission in Catholic schools is clear—to help parents form their children as future saints,” said Brahier. “I am grateful to the leadership of Marian and the entire team for taking time to step back from the day-to-day work of education and consider curriculum in light of the call to evangelize.”

By investing in teacher formation and fostering a culture grounded in faith, Marian is committed to ensuring students receiving a quality education rooted in gospel values. Principal Stacey Cushman invited faculty to take the insights shared by Brahier back to their departments for further discussion.

“It's essential for each of us to consider how this aligns with our individual roles in the classroom and as educators at Marian,” she said. “Let's engage in departmental reflection, asking ourselves: What is our vision for incorporating these principles? How do they resonate with our teaching practices and the needs of our students? Through collaborative efforts and thoughtful exploration, we can ensure that our curriculum reflects our commitment to Catholic education and maintaining a culture built on IHM gospel values,” she said.

Marian extends its gratitude to Brahier and our dedicated faculty for their collaborative efforts to ensure the continual spiritual guidance of our young women.

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