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From Educator to Principal, Stacey Cushman to Shape School Life

With 16 years dedicated to the Marian Community, Principal Stacey Cushman shares her vision for Marian education:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey at Marian?   

Certainly! I'm Stacey Cushman, and I've been a part of the Marian community for 16 years. Coming from a family of educators and having attended Catholic schools, Marian has felt like home to me from the very beginning. Initially hired to teach AP Spanish in 2008, I've had the opportunity to teach a diverse range of subjects, including Spanish, art, yearbook, and even computer classes. Seven years ago, I transitioned to the role of academic dean. It's been an incredibly rewarding journey, and I'm honored to meet former students and alumnae in the community, witnessing their remarkable achievements. I'm now excited to take on the role of principal in our new president-principal model. With many years at Marian, I have a deep understanding of our school's values, traditions, and the unique strengths of our community. This familiarity will enable me to build on what makes Marian exceptional while introducing fresh ideas that align with the evolving needs of our students. 

How does your role as principal differ from your previous position as academic dean?  

The transition from academic dean to principal brings a shift in focus and responsibilities. As academic dean, my primary role centered around curriculum development and educational programs. Now, as principal, my scope of influence has broadened significantly to encompass overseeing all aspects of the school. This includes the overall school environment, student life, staffing, athletics, accreditation, and ensuring our mission aligns with our daily operations. I'm grateful to partner with President Heather Greig Sofran ’96 in guiding our young women towards becoming strong individuals of both mind and heart. 

How do you envision your role impacting the students and the Marian community?  

My primary focus is on creating a welcoming and empowering environment for our students. I aim to continue Marian's legacy of academic excellence while placing a strong emphasis on personal growth, leadership development, and holistic education. Together with the president, I’ll work to ensure our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the future. 

What are some specific initiatives for the school’s growth ahead? 

I'm thrilled about the potential for innovation and growth that the president-principal model brings. It's an exciting time to be part of Marian as we explore new ways to enrich the educational experience for our students and create a vibrant community that embraces change while honoring tradition. Our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan calls for action in areas such as student personal growth, strengthening school culture, increasing academic support, enhancing STEM programs, and expanding our Fine and Performing Arts program. Marian's tradition of holistic education—from academic rigor to diversity in programming—will be further strengthened through these initiatives, and we’re already taking steps to bring these goals to fruition.

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