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Lacrosse Legend Caroline Forester Crowe '15 Reflects on Athletic Career Ahead of 2024 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

The 2024 Marian Athletic Club (MAC) Hall of Fame celebration on Sunday, March 24, 2024 will mark the third consecutive year that deserving individuals and teams will be inducted to the Marian Athletics Hall of Fame. Ahead of the celebration, Marian interviewed lacrosse legend Caroline Forester Crowe '15, slated for induction March 24: 

Caroline, congratulations on your upcoming induction into the Marian Athletics Hall of Fame! Your achievements as a lacrosse standout both at Marian High School and the University of Tampa are truly impressive. Can you share with us some of the defining moments or experiences from your time playing lacrosse at Marian? 

CC: The most defining moments were probably around my junior and senior year. I was fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible teammates that inspired me every day to work harder and play for one another. 

You were part of the 2015 Marian lacrosse team that reached the MHSAA Division 1 Finals, showcasing your leadership and skill on the field. What do you remember most about that memorable season, and how did it shape your perspective on teamwork and resilience? 

CC: I just remember specifically how resilient this group of girls was throughout the season. We had some really tough games that year and constantly exceeded standards. It obviously showed through in our state championship game when we were down by 8 at half time and came back to lose by 1. It just showed me how your dedication, hard work, and commitment to not only the sport but to your team can have a large influence on your success. It really set me up for my college career. 

Transitioning from high school to collegiate lacrosse at the University of Tampa, you continued to excel both athletically and academically. How did your experiences at Marian prepare you for the challenges of collegiate athletics and life beyond the field? 

CC: My experiences at Marian really set me up for success at Tampa. Marian is a rigorous school and demands excellence not only academically but athletically as well. Learning proper time management and establishing a proper work ethic was really the foundation that guided me for the next level. 

As a successful athlete and scholar, you've demonstrated dedication and perseverance in pursuing your goals. What advice would you give to young female athletes who aspire to follow in your footsteps and achieve success in both sports and academics? 

CC: My advice to young females is to set goals early and visualize yourself having success. Give everything 110% effort, and you will be rewarded. Whether it's just a captain's practice, a big test, or a state championship game, if you have worked hard in the previous practices and moments, it will pay off. 

Finally, as you prepare to be honored alongside other accomplished individuals in the Marian Athletics Hall of Fame, what emotions and thoughts come to mind, and how do you hope your journey will inspire future generations of student-athletes at Marian High School? 

CC: I hope to inspire future generations, especially within lacrosse, empowering young women to know that with hard work, they can achieve success in the sport. Lacrosse continues to expand as a sport, especially in the state of Michigan, and I hope these girls can see that they are able to pursue a career beyond high school. 

Thank you, Caroline!

Joining Caroline in this year’s Hall of Fame Class are All-American basketball player Nicole Anaejionu '99, track and field standout Dana Carey '11,  and longtime Marian Head of School Sr. Lenore Pochelski, IHM, who was instrumental to the growth of the athletic program and a guiding member of the Catholic High School League's (CHSL) Executive Committee. Additionally, former student-athletes representing the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) state championship soccer teams of 2003 and 2004 will be on campus to represent both teams' induction to the hall of fame. 

Once again, Jennifer Hammond, FOX 2 Sports Reporter and 2024 National Sports Media Association (NSMA) Michigan Sportscaster of the Year, will be the evening's host for the third consecutive year. Hammond will lead the inductee panel in an interactive talk show-style format that promises to be entertaining for all ages. 

While tickets are free of charge, attendees are encouraged to register and contribute to the Hall of Fame effort if possible. Additionally, registrants and sponsors have the opportunity to write personalized messages to the inductees during the registration process. Sponsors will take part in a private meet-and-greet event with inductees that will include photo opportunities and a champagne reception. Hors d'oeuvres and light refreshments will be served to all. 

The Hall of Fame Class of 2024 joins 2023 inductees longtime contributor Denny Flynn, groundbreaking tennis coach Julie McKnight (posthumously inducted), all-American swimmer Mollie Pultie '15, and dual sport threat Stephanie Storen Jett '93 (basketball & volleyball) and 2022 inductees Barry Brodsky (soccer), Mary Cicerone (basketball), Jay Louis-Prescott (field hockey & soccer), Bill Thompson (swimming) and Dave Feldman (athletic director). 

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