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Leadership Day: Olivia Lehnertz ’15, Maddy Kizy ‘18 Empower Student Leaders

Marian High School celebrated its annual Leadership Day on Tuesday, a day highlighting the school's commitment to nurturing leadership skills in its students. This year's event featured two inspiring young alumnae speakers, Olivia Lehnertz ’15 and Maddy Kizy ‘18, who shared their experiences, insights, and words of wisdom with the current student body. The event also coincided with the school's first all-school Mass of the year, creating a powerful atmosphere of unity and purpose. Leadership Day provides student leaders valuable training in effective leadership, encouraging them to confidently step into their school roles and make a positive impact in their community. 

Olivia Lehnertz ’15: From the Stage to the Tech Industry 

Olivia spoke to students on her journey from her years at Marian to her current role as the Director of Marketing at Global System Integrations. Olivia's involvement as a student leader at Marian laid the foundation for her leadership skills. She served on the All School Board for four years, culminating in her role as Co-President during her senior year. Olivia's commitment extended beyond student government – she was the President of Concert Choir, a member of Melodies and Liturgical Choir, and a performer in eight Marian Repertory Productions. 

Following her graduation from Marian, Olivia pursued degrees in Music, Theatre, and Dance at Hope College. She showcased her talents in regional theater, film, and theme parks before making a career shift to the technology industry. Olivia's experience as a Co-President during her senior year and her internship in marketing during college equipped her to thrive in her new role. As the Director of Marketing at Global System Integrations, she leads her team in enhancing brand awareness and orchestrating events for clients and prospects. Olivia's journey underscored the importance of recognizing one's strengths, adapting to change, and pursuing opportunities that align with personal passions. 

Olivia offered sage advice to the students. She urged sophomores to identify their strengths and align them with leadership positions they are passionate about. Juniors were advised to focus on time management and deep focus, essential skills in college preparation. Seniors were encouraged to seek leadership opportunities beyond high school, emphasizing that these experiences would set them apart in their future endeavors. 

Maddy Kizy ’18: Embracing Change and Grit in Leadership 

Maddy shared her journey from high school to becoming a Senior Acquisitions Analyst at Agree Realty Corporation. Maddy's leadership experiences at Marian and her involvement in various activities prepared her for the challenges of college and the professional world. 

Maddy's time at Marian was characterized by her involvement in leadership positions, including serving as the class president during her junior and senior years. She was also a retreat leader and a member of the mission trip to Guatemala. Maddy's lessons in leadership were reinforced on the volleyball court as she captained the varsity team. These experiences taught her about effective communication, resilience, and the importance of building and leading a team. 

In college, Maddy found herself facing the uncertainty of choosing a major and career path. Through determination and exploration, she discovered her passion for real estate and secured a position at Agree Realty Corporation. Maddy's journey taught her the value of adaptability, grit, and confidence. She encouraged students to embrace change, uphold their values, and approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset. 

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