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Live Boldly, Love Big, Pass it On: Kelly Jandernoa of the Red Glasses Movement Inspires Marian High School

Marian High School had the privilege of hosting Kelly Jandernoa from the Red Glasses Movement on Monday, November 27. This impactful movement, born out of love and the resilient spirit of Audrey Louise, encourages a mindset of living boldly and loving big. Audrey, born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect, left an indelible mark with her contagious smile, curious mind, and loving heart. The Red Glasses Movement originated in response to Audrey's passing in 2018, symbolized by the red glasses she wore.

Close family friend Meredith Schloss Maczka '98 proposed distributing 1,000 pairs of red glasses at Audrey’s memorial, laying the roots for the movement. The symbolic red glasses became a powerful emblem, urging people to "live boldly, love big, and pass it on" in Audrey's memory. Jandernoa first introduced the movement to Marian in January 2020.

“We can look to loving first, look to each other with kindness, and be bold enough and brave enough to break down barriers and stereotypes to lead with love first and foremost,” Jandernoa told students, faculty, and staff during Monday’s assembly.

The Red Glasses Award at Marian acknowledges those in our school community who embody the movement’s spirit. Inspired by Audrey’s story, Marian students have also gone on formed Red Glasses chapters at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, sharing Audrey’s message and fostering community and joy while serving those with disabilities.

Homeroom workshops during Jandernoa’s Monday visit played a pivotal role in engaging students, faculty, and staff in reflective discussions about creating inclusive environments. The workshops prompted exploration of moments of comfort and acceptance, aligning with the Red Glasses Movement's mission.

The Red Glasses is about adopting a mindset exemplified by Audrey's life, where challenges are met with a smile and a heart full of love. Whether worn, displayed, or placed on a shelf, the red glasses carry a powerful message: to inspire, overcome challenges, and make the world a brighter place. The movement at Marian echoes Audrey's legacy, creating a community that leads with love, breaks down barriers, and embodies the spirit of living boldly, loving big, and passing it on.

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