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Marian Celebrates Be Awesome Day in Memory of Mr. David Feldman

Marian commemorated "Be Awesome" Day on January 12 in memory of our former Athletic Director, Mr. David Feldman, who passed away in January 2021. Over $1,300 was collected in Mr. Feldman's memory and will be donated to Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), an organization he was actively involved in for many years. CYO is dedicated to enriching families and strengthening communities across southeast Michigan through youth programs that embrace the love and example of Jesus Christ.

The concept of "being awesome" at Marian involves looking at your surroundings, identifying expectations, and then surpassing them to do something unexpected. This creates instant awesomeness by surprising people. The recognition is awarded to groups of students, faculty, or staff that exemplify these qualities, contributing to the motivation, support, and elevation of the school/community, helping Marian be the best it can be.

Here's what was said about the honored student groups and faculty/staff groups:

Ambassador Club
I am so proud of the Ambassador Club members for the kindness they routinely show visitors to Marian and the welcoming spirit they demonstrate at every event we host. I am not the only one who notices, each and every one of our guests notice too!

Black Student Union
The BSU has worked assiduously to earn recognition and find ways to give back to the community. Among other things, they held a fundraiser to help unhoused individuals by collecting book bags and stuffing them with necessities to aid local organizations. They have also reached out to Brother Rice to expand the scope of the group and reach additional audiences. Kim Jenkins and Rosanne Acciaioli, as well as the incredible students involved in BSU are making a lasting difference in our community.

JV and Varsity Golf
The JV and Varsity golf teams have been awesome this year. Outside of demanding academic schedules and countless hours working on their game, the program found time to give back. When many others were still enjoying summer vacation, the golfers volunteered to feed needy families at Forgotten Harvest this past August. Under the leadership of veteran coach Leon Braisted, the golf program has won several championships over the years, but giving back and helping those in need has always been why the Mustangs golfers are awesome on the course and in the community!

Marian Pledge Committee
This group of students came together to make history by rewriting the honor code for the student handbook, which became effective at the start of the 2023-2024 school year. They all stepped up to the challenge to recreate the Marian school pledge, so that it could fully represent the fundamental IHM values and beliefs of which Marian was founded on. These students were willing and highly interested in contributing their thoughts and ideas during the Call To Action Summit meetings, and they were committed to providing feedback that would be resourceful in helping to build up a school for current and future students, that exemplifies a positive and healthy Christian environment.

The Maintenance Team
They are a dedicated group who go above and beyond everyday! They help keep Marian running and are always willing to help or lend a hand. We would be lost without them. They are truly AWESOME! The maintenance crew is puts in long hours and hard work to ensure that each and every school event/program, is prepped and ready to go with perfection. They continue to show up and do what is asked of them, regardless of how many pressing things they have going on around the school. Every time I have asked them to help me with something I'm planning, they are right on it. Each of the maintenance crew members always seem happy to help out and they are simply great at what they do. 

These dedicated ladies actively rip and run throughout the school on a daily basis, ensuring that students are being monitored and getting to class on time. They also assist with school events, prepping & cleaning the SDA for lunch periods, and gives a helping hand to faculty and staff with countless tasks. I think they all deserve to be acknowledged as an important group of individuals that take the initiative to contribute hands on support to Marian students, and also play an important part in helping the school day goes smoothly. 

Faculty/Staff Social Committee
During the 23-24 school year, the Social Committee has really made an effort to impact the culture at Marian for the better. From additional events, inclusive and unique activities during Faculty/Staff meetings, increased visibility...the changes have been noticed and welcomed. Marian is a great place to work and be, but this Committee has made wonderful progress to "Be Awesome"! 

Heather Sofran, Stacey Cushman, and Erin Wiseman absolutely go above and beyond in their roles here on a daily basis! Their hard work and genuine love for the students and staff make Marian the exceptional school it is now. Their actions are clear and apparent to us all. We see how they work together having only the best intentions for our entire Marian community. They guide with thoughtfulness, integrity, compassion and lean into Christ. We understand how difficult their jobs can be and the three should be recognized for their abilities to lead with pure grace and poise. Thank you for all for setting such a remarkable stage!

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