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Marian Celebrates Outstanding Scholars Named to CHSL All-Catholic Academic Team

Marian is thrilled to announce the exceptional achievement of 31 students named to the Catholic High School League Scholastic All-Catholic Team. These remarkable students were honored at the CHSL Prep Bowl 51, which took place on October 21. They have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence by achieving a cumulative grade point average at or above 4.3 or earning nothing less than an A in all their classes through the end of the last school year. The following students have set an exemplary standard for academic achievement. The entire Marian community is proud of these outstanding scholars and congratulates them on this well-deserved recognition.

Class of 2026

  • Alicia Dally
  • Clair Dauer
  • Meredith Hermann
  • Violet Kainaya
  • Madeleine Koch
  • Isabella Mansour
  • Kennedi Marsh
  • Madelyn Prantera
  • Julia Rogers
  • Madeline Sellke
  • Tatym Williams

Class of 2025

  • Marianna Becharas
  • Charlotte Bingham
  • Madeline Buley
  • Isabelle Busignani
  • Myrna Gilbert
  • Ruby Jansen
  • Ella Kennedy
  • Susannah Klein
  • Ada Kowalewski
  • Isabella Marougi
  • Emerson Walton

Class of 2024

  • Grace Bitti
  • Elle Ervin
  • Katelynn Freese
  • Hannah Kaczmarek
  • Danielle Mertz
  • Molly O'Brien
  • Charlotte Quaine
  • Maggie Scott
  • Chloe Toma
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