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Marian Hosts Daniel Ament, Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition on Substance Abuse Prevention

Marian had the privilege of welcoming two distinguished speakers on August 22, Daniel Ament and representatives from the Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition (BBCC), for a presentation aimed at empowering the freshman class with knowledge about substance abuse prevention and overall wellness.

Daniel Ament, a passionate advocate for healthy choices and founder of the nonprofit organization Fight4Wellness, joined virtually to share his powerful journey and personal story. Ament speaks out across the nation on the double lung transplant he received during his junior year of high school because of vaping. Ament's impactful presentations have reached numerous schools, where he has shed light on the dangers of vaping and substance abuse. His commitment to raising awareness has led him to participate in panel discussions and summits across the nation, making him a key contributor to the ongoing dialogue about health and wellness.

In addition to his school presentations, Ament's dedication to the cause is evident in his participation as a keynote speaker and panel member at prestigious events such as the Atlantic Festival. His involvement in documentaries, including the notable Netflix/Time production "Taking a Toke and The Big Vape," has further amplified his advocacy efforts. Ament's voice has reached national platforms, as he has been interviewed by esteemed media outlets like Good Morning America and Time Magazine.

Following Ament's impactful talk, representatives from the Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition (BBCC), including Executive Director Carol Mastroianni and Youth Program Coordinator Kelly Patterson Michaud '83, took the stage. The BBCC, a nonprofit organization with a rich history of community service since the early 90s, champions a research-driven and youth-led approach to substance abuse prevention, health, and overall well-being.

The BBCC, in collaboration with its Youth Action Board, provides vital education, tools, activities, and support to empower young individuals in rising above life's challenges. Through their unique approach, they encourage both young people and the adults in their lives to actively participate in fostering a supportive and informed environment.

Marian High School is grateful for the opportunity to host such impactful presentations, equipping its freshman class with knowledge, insights, and tools to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. The school is committed to nurturing an environment where students are empowered to make healthy choices and lead fulfilling lives.

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