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Marian Medical Club Hosts Surgical Suturing Workshop

Marian Medical Club (MMC) offered its members an insightful introduction to surgical practices at the club's meeting January 9. The workshop, designed to help young women explore various fields of medicine, unfolded in three segments: a brief introduction to surgical suturing, a suturing tutorial accompanied by instructional videos, and a hands-on suture lab.

The Marian Medical Club, dedicated to supporting young women in their journey towards college and a future in the medical field, regularly organizes activities that span a range of medical disciplines, including dentistry and veterinary science.

Throughout the academic year, MMC members benefit from exposure to the health sciences through interactions with professional guest speakers, planned visits to hospitals and clinics, volunteer and outreach opportunities, and engaging hands-on demonstrations and labs. In addition to hands-on experiences, MMC's goals extend to providing valuable advice on navigating college programs and applications, exploring diverse career options within the medical field, and understanding the nuances of the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). By fostering an environment of exploration and guidance, MMC continues to inspire and prepare young women for their future endeavors in the ever-evolving field of medicine.

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