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Marian's Intro to Business Welcomes Michael Sana: A Lesson in Entrepreneurship

Michael Sana, the visionary entrepreneur behind SANA Detroit, recently shared his inspiring journey to success with Mrs. Denha Tella's Intro to Business class. Michael's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited at an early age when he delved into social media, buying and selling Instagram accounts and cultivating their growth as a passive income stream. His early ventures laid the foundation for a career marked by innovation and creativity.

Michael delved into photography and videography in high school, channeling his marketing skills into his father's soccer retail stores and embarking on various personal brand ventures. His relentless pursuit of perfecting his craft led to the birth of SANA Detroit on January 4, 2021. SANA Detroit stands as a tribute to Detroit's iconic moments through wearable fashion, revolutionizing the clothing market by pushing creative boundaries and pioneering experience-based pop-up activations.

While speaking with Marian’s Intro to Business students, Michael emphasized the integral role of marketing and branding in SANA Detroit's journey. He noted that his brand transcends mere products; it's about creating an impact and delivering a unique consumer experience. His approach to marketing, characterized by its collaborations with sports teams and the utilization of social media and pop-up shops, has redefined the streetwear landscape. The result has become a "hype beast" style culture, creating a product demand so intense that items sell out immediately upon release.

In a world where entrepreneurship continually evolves, Marian's Intro to Business class allows students to explore this dynamic realm, covering global business, accounting, human resources, financial operations, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. Students can embark on their entrepreneurial journeys through hands-on projects and assignments infused with technology.

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