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Marian’s Mary Tiseo ’96, RN: A Dedication to Health and Safety

Among the many dedicated individuals that keep the Marian community safe and thriving, we find Mrs. Mary Spiro Tiseo ’96, RN. She fulfills the crucial roles of Medical Crisis Coordinator and Attendance Coordinator at the school, contributing to the safety, well-being, and tight-knit community that Marian is.  

In her role as Attendance Coordinator, Mrs. Tiseo's office is a bustling hub of activity, overseeing all aspects of student attendance and closely collaborating with faculty to ensure students are accounted for throughout the day. However, her responsibilities extend far beyond attendance tracking, as she also serves as the Medical Crisis Coordinator, a unique position created to address the evolving landscape of education, with a particular focus on health and safety. With her passion for pediatrics and women's health, Mrs. Tiseo is a perfect fit, bringing her extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare to the role. 

As the Medical Crisis Coordinator, Mrs. Tiseo is the go-to person for emergencies in the building, ensuring that Marian remains a safe environment. Under her guidance, the school has implemented many new safety measures, including placing additional Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the building, training teachers in CPR and AED use, and equipping the school with Narcan for potential opioid emergencies. One of her most notable contributions is the introduction of "Go Bags" in every classroom and common area. These red bags contain emergency equipment such as a window-breaking tool, a first aid kit, and a "Stop the Bleed" kit from the American College of Surgeons. These initiatives were made possible through a safety grant awarded in the spring of 2023. 

New to Marian in the 2022-2023 school year, Mrs. Tiseo's journey from high school graduation to her current position is a testament to her commitment to the healthcare field and her love for the Marian community. After earning her Bachelor of Nursing degree at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Mrs. Tiseo worked at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in their Pediatric ICU for three years. However, she always held a special place in her heart for Michigan and her family, so she returned and continued her nursing career at the University of Michigan Mott and Beaumont Hospital, primarily focusing on pediatrics and women's health. Mrs. Tiseo remains a contingent Lactation Consultant at Beaumont Hospital. 

Mrs. Tiseo's connection to Marian goes beyond her professional career, having met her husband during their time at Marian and Brother Rice. Together, they live in Beverly Hills with their three children. Mrs. Tiseo’s ties to the school have made her journey back to Marian even more special. "I am so excited to be back at Marian and contributing to the school that gave me so much," Mrs. Tiseo says. "Marian is such a special community to be a part of. On a personal level, Marian prepared me for the world ahead after graduation. It gave me a strong foundation in academics and faith and taught me to strongly advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves." Marian is grateful for the expertise Mrs. Tiseo brings to enhance the safety and well-being of its students. 

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