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Meet the Valedictorians of Marian High School's Class of 2024

We are proud to announce the valedictorians of Marian High School's Class of 2024: Grace Bitti, Molly O'Brien, Charlotte Quaine, Maggie Scott, and Chloe Toma. These exceptional young women have demonstrated tremendous dedication and hard work throughout their academic careers, earning them this prestigious honor. Their achievements are a testament to their perseverance and commitment to excellence. They have represented Marian High School with distinction, and we are incredibly proud of all they have accomplished. Join us in learning about these top scholars from the Class of 2024:

1. What co-curriculars were you involved in at Marian?

Grace Bitti: “I am president of Model UN and a member of National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Chaldean American Student Association, and Marian Medical Club. I was also on the bowling team.” 

Molly O’Brien: “I am part of Ambassador Club, Mind and Heart Magazine Club, Forensics Speech Team, Class Board, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Cross Country, Track and Field, and I work at Cafe ML.”

Charlotte Quaine: “I am in Ambassador Club and am an officer of the Medical Club. I am currently captain of the varsity lacrosse team and was captain of the varsity field hockey team in the fall. Additionally, I am in the National Honors Society and the Spanish Honors Society.”

Maggie Scott: “At Marian, I was captain of Varsity Volleyball, captain of Varsity Bowling, President of Spanish Honor Society, and officer of the Ambassador Club. I was also a member of the All-School Board, Marian Mindset Project, Forensic Speaking team, BEAMR, National Honor Society, and liturgical choir.”

Chloe Toma: “I am president of National STEM Honor Society, secretary of National Honor Society, and a member of Spanish Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, Ambassador Club, and Project Care. I have also been a member of the Class Board as a Homeroom Representative throughout my 4 years of high school and captain of the JV Tennis team my junior year. Outside of school, I am the pianist at Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church and a volunteer at World Medical Relief.”

2. What college will you be attending and what are you planning to study?

Grace Bitti: “I am going to Princeton. I am majoring in astrophysics with a minor in mathematics.”

Molly O’Brien: I will attend University of Notre Dame to study economics. I hope to attend law school and become an attorney after earning my undergraduate degree.”

Charlotte Quaine: “I will be attending Boston College. I am majoring in biology and hope to attend Medical School and become an Orthopedic surgeon in the future.”

Maggie Scott: “I will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. I plan to study business at the Ross School of Business with a focus on finance.”

Chloe Toma: “I will be attending Oakland University. I will be studying Biology with a minor in Spanish on the pre-med track. I hope to attend medical school in the future, as my goal is to work as a physician.”

3. How has Marian prepared you for the future?

Grace Bitti: “Rigorous courses offered at Marian have challenged me and helped me grow academically. Marian has provided me many resources and access to my teachers and counselors. Personalized attention and support have made a big difference throughout my four years here, allowing me to progress intellectually and personally. Thanks to Marian, I have been able to explore many areas of interest and broaden my knowledge while planning for the future and preparing me for success.”

Molly O’Brien: “Marian’s rigor paired with the constant support of teachers, faculty, and peers has taught me to handle challenging courses, hold myself accountable for my own performance and success, and effectively balance my time between each of my classes and extracurricular activities.”

Charlotte Quaine: “Marian has instilled in me many tools that allow me to balance challenging classes with extracurricular activities and the busyness of life. The support of my teachers and fellow classmates has pushed me to work hard in every aspect of my life in order to reach shared and individual goals and to strive to be successful in all that I do.”

Maggie Scott: “Marian has given me a strong foundation for my future because this competitive, yet supportive environment has given me the drive and the confidence to excel in my classes and extracurriculars. I feel I have truly grown as a leader over the past four years due to Marian's large emphasis on developing leadership qualities such as communication and respect. The opportunity to grow as a student and as a person with such support and encouragement from my peers has shaped me into a young woman with the self-confidence to continue to lead in college and the empathy to form lasting relationships on the way.”

Chloe Toma: “Marian has prepared me greatly for my future as the teachers have both challenged and supported me through my struggles and successes. The difficult curriculum provided by the school has also made me a more driven and organized student.”

4. What is your favorite Marian memory?

Grace Bitti: “Being a cheerleader at Powderpuff!”

Molly O’Brien: “Powderpuff!”

Charlotte Quaine: “The entire powderpuff season!”        

Maggie Scott: “Powderpuff week—especially singing in the hallways and learning our Powderpuff dance as a grade!”

Chloe Toma: “My 7th hour Pottery class!”

Congratulations to Grace, Molly, Charlotte, Maggie, and Chloe on this remarkable achievement!

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