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Spanish Students Achieve Michigan Seal of Biliteracy

Marian students Charlotte Quaine '24 and Ruby Jansen '25 were recently honored with the Michigan Seal of Biliteracy, recognizing their performance on the Avant STAMP 4s assessment.  The Michigan Seal of Biliteracy acknowledges individuals who demonstrate proficiency across two or more languages. 

"I am incredibly proud of Charlotte and Ruby for how much they’ve grown in their language abilities.  This is really a tremendous accomplishment,” remarked Modern Language Department Chair Michelle Copp Printy. 

Earning the Michigan Seal of Biliteracy entails reaching a proficiency level of intermediate high (or higher) in reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing, and speaking in their second language, which for these students is Spanish. 

“Ruby and Charlotte have both been outstanding students in AP Spanish this year,” shared Modern Language Teacher Kimbery Butters Truza '94. “Their work ethic, attention to detail, and overall positive attitude have made them stand-out students. It is no surprise that Ruby and Charlotte have achieved the Seal of Biliteracy in the Spanish language, and I’m so very proud of the effort they have put in to receive this prestigious honor.” 

For Quaine and Jansen, receiving the Michigan Seal of Biliteracy not only adds a prestigious seal to their diploma but also unlocks numerous opportunities. Scholarships, advanced language placement, and enhanced study abroad options await these accomplished students as they embark on their college journeys. 

"Many of our students have shared their success stories with us, citing how their achievement in Spanish has propelled them to higher levels of language proficiency and academic success," added Copp Printy. "It's truly rewarding to witness their growth and accomplishments." 

While academic accolades are certainly noteworthy, the true essence of Marian's Spanish program lies in its ability to cultivate practical communication skills and cultural understanding among students. 

"We hope for our students to not only excel academically but also to connect with others and navigate diverse cultural landscapes with confidence,” explained Copp Printy. 

As Marian continues to uphold its commitment to excellence in language education, students like Charlotte Quaine and Ruby Jansen serve as shining examples of the school's dedication to fostering global citizenship and language proficiency. 

“I hope other upcoming students in Spanish can find inspiration in their accomplishment and strive to do their best to learn the language so that they too will find success in their Spanish classes and on future STAMP tests at Marian,” said Truza. 

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