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Students Shine in District and Regional Art Awards

Marian High School joyfully extends heartfelt congratulations to Katelynn Freese ’24, Abby Landa ‘24, Paige Rawlins ‘24, Karina Mitrius ‘24, Sarah Gundlach ‘24, and Lauren Kopera ‘24 for their outstanding achievements in the arts at Marian.

Katelynn Freese ’24 earned a Silver Key in the Southeast and Thumb region Scholastic Art Awards for her mesmerizing photograph titled “Reflections of Nature.” She provides insight into her inspiration and process, stating, “Technology and nature are commonly equated to oil and water. In this work, I sought to establish a connection between two polarized worlds. Nature and technology meet on an October afternoon upon the surface of a Chevrolet Blazer RS. I have always enjoyed experimenting with photography, starting with flowers and expanding into animal, vehicle, and natural landscape photography. My photography experience is based completely on experimentation, and I have not engaged in any formal photography education.”

With a promising future, Katelynn plans to study mechanical engineering with an aerospace specialty at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Expressing her primary goal to become the Executive Chief Engineer of the Corvette, she outlines her plans for participation in extracurriculars such as Formula SAE. Additionally, Katelynn will continue her journey as an honorary member of the Competition Corvette Club of Michigan and an ambassador at M1 Concourse.

Abby Landa ‘24, Paige Rawlins ‘24, Karina Mitrius ‘24, Sarah Gundlach ‘24, and Lauren Kopera ‘24 were selected to represent Marian High School in the Michigan Art Education Assoc. Oakland County Regional Art Show.

Fine and performing arts instructor, Abbie Bailey, conveys her warm congratulations, stating, "I am immensely proud of my students for their achievements and having the courage to show their art to the public. Katelynn was competing with thousands of students throughout Southeast and Thumb region of Michigan to have her work shown at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I chose Abby, Paige, Sarah, Karina, and Lauren to represent Marian in the annual Michigan Art Education Oakland County Regional Art Show, because of their dedication to the arts at Marian and leadership in the arts. These accolades not only recognize their artistic abilities but also underscore the importance of a robust art curriculum in empowering students to explore their creativity and develop essential skills for personal and academic growth."

These talented individuals have not only showcased their artistic prowess but have also brought well-deserved recognition to our school. The accolades received serve as a testament to the creativity, dedication, and skill of our students.

Katelynn’s work will be showcased at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit until March 1st. The pieces of Abby, Paige, Karina, Sarah, Lauren will be on display at Country Day School in Beverly Hills until Thursday, February 29th.

  • Katelynn Freese – Photograph, “Reflection of Nature” Scholastic Silver Key Art Award
  • Abby Landa- Raku Pottery, “Three Sisters” MAEA Oakland County Regional Art Show
  • Paige Rawlins, Pottery, “Sipping Tea in the Country” MAEA
  • Sarah Gundlach- Acrylic and graphite on canvas “Skyline” MAEA
  • Karina Mitrius- Acrylic, finger paint, marker on wood panel “Untitled” MAEA
  • Lauren Kopera- Graphite on paper “Frustrations” MAEA
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