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Marian counselors offer comprehensive support—academic, college, career, and personal counseling—to all students.

Our state and nationally certified and licensed counselors meet regularly with students, both individually and in groups, ensuring that they receive the guidance and support they need throughout their high school journey.

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Marian Counseling focuses on guiding students to a college or university that complements their interests, aspirations, abilities, and personal sense of community. We educate, counsel, guide, support, and advocate for students throughout their college search.

College Counseling Timeline

We believe that each student's path is unique, and we're here to guide you to a college or university that complements your interests, aspirations, and abilities. Our counselors support you in your personal exploration of goals, strengths, and values. This journey begins in your first year and continues throughout your time at Marian. As college counselors, we listen, ask probing questions, and get to know you so that we can provide you unique guidance on your journey towards college. 

Additional Resources

Personal + Social Support

At Marian, your mental health matters. Need a listening ear or some guidance? You can connect with your counselor anytime for personalized support. Dive into mental health awareness and support alongside the passionate students of the Marian Mindset Project, and don't miss out on Therapy Dog Tuesdays! 

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Social & Emotional Wellness at Marian

Grief Support Group

For students experiencing grief, our Grief Support Group offers a safe haven. Led by our compassionate counselors, it's a space where you can openly share your feelings, find understanding, and receive support from peers who understand. 

Big Sis + Little Sis

All 9th grade students are paired up with an 11th grade Big Sis in the summer before freshman year! This way, you'll have a Big Sis to help guide you along the high school journey.

Further Academic Support

From our Learning Accommodations Program to our Learning Media Center, Marian offers you the individualized support you need to excel in high school and beyond.

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Our Team

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Mrs. Bess Riek MA, LPC, NCC

Titles: Grade 12 Counselor, Department Chairperson
Degrees: B.A., University of Michigan
M.A., Concordia University Chicago

Elle Flynn '13 LPC, NCC

Class of 2013
Titles: 9th Grade & Transfer Counselor
Degrees: B.A., Marquette University
MEdu, DePaul University

Meredith Morse

Titles: 10th & 11th Grade (A-J) Counselor
Degrees: B.S., Elementary Education, Western Michigan University
M.A., Counseling - Adolescence, Marriage, and Family Therapy, Oakland University