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Jump start your high school math experience!

What is the “Online Algebra Supplement”?

The Online Algebra Supplement is a 10-week-long program, created and taught by Marian math faculty, that covers the most important math topics in Marian’s Algebra I curriculum. This program is meant to supplement your student’s current 8th grade algebra course, and expand upon the skills and topics she is currently learning. This Online Algebra Supplement provides a risk-free opportunity for a student to test her readiness, preview the rigor and expectations of a high school level class, and position herself for first-semester success as a freshman. 

In-person meetings for 8th grade Online Algebra Supplement class

If we are unable to host visitors to the building, orientation and major assessments will take place remotely.

Program registration deadline:  Saturday, December 31, 2022

Program orientation – “Meet the Teachers” (Marian Student Dining Area): Tuesday, January 10, 2023 at 7pm

Online class goes live: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 8am

Midterm exam: Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 10am (LIVE Online)

Final exam: Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 10am

Math course placement at Marian

All students experience an academic adjustment period during freshman year. This is especially evident in math classes, where students who come from dozens of different middle schools and diverse learning backgrounds, work to establish common ground and move forward. Most Marian freshmen do take Algebra 1, which builds upon incoming students’ 8th grade algebra skills, exploring content in even deeper and wider breadth. Because every student will later take Algebra 2, it is critical to a student’s long-term academic success that she have a strong and solid foundation before moving on from Algebra 1. While many of our participants do register with the hopes of “testing out” of level-1 Algebra at Marian (and into Geometry), the program has also proven beneficial to students who are looking to strengthen foundational algebra skills before taking high school algebra. *For any registered freshman who wishes to “test out” of Algebra 1, we offer a math placement test in April. Our Online Algebra Supplement provides extra preparation for this placement test. Successful performance on the placement test indicates that the student is prepared to bypass freshman Algebra 1 and register directly for Geometry.

What makes this program unique?

Our Online Algebra Supplement is designed to reinforce the specific algebra skills required for success in the Marian four-year math curriculum. Through the Online Algebra Supplement, learners have the unique opportunity to interact with Marian math faculty before Freshman Registration takes place. While algebra is a universal topic and it is in many ways standardized, this program should not be used to predict a student’s math readiness or success in other high schools. Our Online Algebra Supplement is directly aligned with the Marian math course sequence, and it highlights the specific algebra skills, learning and note-taking strategies, and performance expectations that are most important in Marian’s math curriculum. Take-home tests as well as an on-site midterm and cumulative final exam, all with personalized faculty feedback, will provide learners with ample information and resources to prepare for success on Marian’s math placement test in April.

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