As a Theology Department, we seek to educate young women in an environment permeated by Gospel values of love, compassion, justice, reconciliation and concern for the poor and vulnerable. Students are encouraged to integrate essential elements of the Catholic faith, develop critical thinking skills, and recognize and articulate their faith experience. The theology curriculum, grounded in the liberating mission of Jesus, is designed to maximize the spiritual, intellectual and personal growth of the student; classes are designed to lead to an internalization of the teachings of Jesus, a personal relationship with God, trust in the wisdom of the Spirit and a clear understanding of what it means to live as a person of faith.

Course Offerings

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  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Required for all 9th grade students

    This course is intended to give students general knowledge and appreciation of Scripture. Through the study of the Bible, students encounter the living Word of God, Jesus Christ. Students learn about the Bible, authored by God through inspiration, and its value to people throughout the world. Reading the Bible with particular attention to the Gospels will help students grow to know and love Jesus Christ more personally. 
  • Who is Jesus Christ?

    1 semester, 1/2  credit
    Required for all 9th grade students

    This course will introduce students to the mystery of Jesus Christ, the living word of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. It continues what the first semester began, using Scripture as a focus on Christ. Students will understand that Jesus is the ultimate Revelation to us from God. In learning about who He is, students
    will learn who He calls them to be.
  • The Mission of Jesus Christ (The Paschal Mystery)

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Required for all 10th grade students

    This course is intended to help students understand all that God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. In this course of study, students will learn that for all eternity God has planned for us to share eternal happiness with Him, which is accomplished
    through the redemption that Christ won for us.
  • Jesus Christ's Mission Continues in the Church

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Required for all 10th grade students

    This course is a theological study to help students understand that in and through the Church they encounter the living Jesus Christ. Concepts covered include the divine origin of the Church, the role of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the Church, theological images of the Church, the Four Marks, the Church’s organization and Magisterium, vocations, the New Evangelization, ecumenism and inter-religious
  • Sacraments as privileged encounters with Jesus Christ

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Required for all 11th grade students

    Through this course, students will understand that they can encounter Christ today in a full and real way through the sacraments, and especially through the Eucharist. Students will examine each of the sacraments in detail so as to learn how they may encounter Christ throughout their lives.
  • Life in Jesus Christ

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Required for all 11th  grade students

    This course will enable students to learn the moral concepts and precepts that govern the lives of Christ’s followers as revealed in Scripture and Tradition. Students will recognize the teachings of Jesus Christ as the fundamental norm of morality, and apply these truths to everyday decision making.
  • Catholic Social Teaching

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Required for all 12th grade students

    Justice refers to people’s “God-given rights” as these rights pertain to life, welfare, interpersonal relations, and freedom as human beings living in the community. The study of Catholic social teaching is grounded in Scripture, the teaching of Jesus and in the rich reserve of Tradition which offer resources for understanding
    our world as well as challenge our faith. Areas of focus include: life issues, poverty, world hunger, oppression, and the work of peacemaking. Through this course, students are invited to make connections, stretch awareness, deepen consciousness, develop responsibility, spark compassion and act conscientiously.
  • Christian Lifestyles

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Open to 12

    This course addresses significant issues teens will face as they choose among the many life paths they may travel, including the vocations of single life, religious life and married life. The course examines themes such as identity and autonomy, love,  communication, sexuality, friendship, creativity and learning. The discernment or decision-making processes used in preparing for religious life and marriage will be examined in light of these themes.
  • Developing an Adult Spirituality through the lives of Women of Faith

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Open to 12

    This course will provide an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness through the exploration of various types of prayer. Students will learn how prayer impacted the lives of women in Scripture, women saints, as well as women who are models
    of faith. This course will explore how prayer sustained women as they overcame challenges in their faith and how they fought for people and causes not held to be important in society. Students will identify habits and methods of prayer to help sustain them throughout life.
  • Understanding Grief and Loss

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Open to 12

    This course is designed to help students realize that all loss (object, relationship, role, or death) involves a grieving process and, with grief, comes the promise of hope. Students will learn about and reflect on these human realities in the context of Catholic faith. Participation in the class field trip is a requirement for this course.
  • World Religions

    1 semester, 1/2 credit
    Open to 12

    This course examines how the religions of the world answer life’s most basic questions:
    the meaning of suffering; relationship to one’s environment; needs for something/someone beyond oneself; and issues of life after death. Some of the major religions studied will be Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism. The religions and their responses to the above concerns are examined both from the historical/doctrinal point of view and from their impact on our present world situation. Participation in the class field trip is a requirement for this course.

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