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Preparatory Math

Marian offers two courses for 8th graders to prepare for Math at Marian.

All students experience an academic adjustment period during freshman year. This is especially evident in math classes, where students who come from dozens of different middle schools and diverse learning backgrounds work to establish common ground and move forward. Most Marian freshmen take Algebra I, which builds upon incoming students’ 8th grade algebra skills, exploring content in even deeper and wider breadth. Because every student will later take Algebra 2, it is critical to a student’s long-term academic success that she have a strong and solid foundation before moving on from Algebra I. Marian offers two unique opportunities to assist students in their preparation for Math at Marian as 9th graders.

Marian Offers a Range of Math Courses to Students

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Summer Math Foundations

Registration for Summer Math Foundations is released each Spring.

Online Algebra Supplement

While algebra is a universal topic and it is in many ways standardized, this program should not be used to predict a student’s math readiness or success in other high schools.

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