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Michael Stacey II to Lead Marian Athletic Performance Program as Head Performance Coach

Marian High School is thrilled to welcome a dynamic new addition to its Athletic Department--Michael Stacey II, the new Head Performance Coach for the groundbreaking Marian Athletic Performance Program.
Marian High School is thrilled to welcome a dynamic new addition to its Athletic Department--Michael Stacey II, the new Head Performance Coach for the groundbreaking Marian Athletic Performance Program. With a multifaceted background and a passion for mental skills training and physical conditioning, Mr. Stacey is set to make a profound impact within our community.  
When asked about his background, Mr. Stacey shared that his interest in athletic performance and mental skills training started in high school, where he took the initiative to train independently and take every offered psychology and psychology-adjacent class. At Purdue, Mr. Stacey began to study psychology, and while training for club inline hockey, he became interested in the neuroscience of sport. He got involved with Dr. Jessica Witt, who was researching how visual perception is influenced by a person's ability to act on the target. This research ignited his interest in pursuing a graduate degree in Kinesiology (sport psychology) focusing on performance enhancement.  
Over the past decade, Mr. Stacey has grown his career in mental performance and strength and conditioning. He founded Mike Stacey Mental Skills (MS2), a coaching company specializing in mental skills training for athletes at all levels. He also co-founded Win Your Warm Up, an online platform offering athletes mental performance programs and performance anxiety courses to make mental skills coaching accessible to all, regardless of budget or location constraints. If that’s not enough, he hosts a podcast called “Retired from Sport? So Now What?” addressing the challenges athletes and coaches face during retirement, aiming to normalize this experience and provide valuable insights for transitioning athletes. Finally, he is co-authoring a book for Jiu Jitsu athletes with Adlai Cleveland of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, which is close to being published.  
As Head Performance Coach, Mr. Stacey oversees the Marian Athletic Performance Program (MAPP), which comprises strength and conditioning, mental skills training, and nutrition education designed to enhance the holistic development of our student-athletes. Mr. Stacey envisions an inclusive and comprehensive MAPP program that evolves based on the needs of our athletes. His short-term goals include building positive relationships, delivering tangible resources, and fostering engagement. In the long term, he envisions a suite of athletic performance resources that accompany students throughout their Marian journey, promoting growth and success in both sports and life. He envisions resources like a teen-friendly cookbook, hydration and fueling information for players, online courses on topics like confidence and performance anxiety, goal-setting, mindfulness-based sport-performance training protocols, and maybe even online resources for alumnae to access for themselves or the teams they coach.  
As for how he sees the MAPP program contributing to the overall development and success of student-athletes, Mr. Stacey says, “This is to help create a positive relationship with exercise, eating well, and self-care, so it’s more a habit than something you have to swing wide and out of your way to do as an adult. It’s focused on long-term quality of life.” He encourages students to dive in and take advantage of everything they think might be helpful or interesting. MAPP is a growing, living entity meant to meet our athletic community’s needs. In the same way that Marian’s students feel supported and capable in the classroom, Mr. Stacey wants to build a place where student-athletes feel the most supported and capable. He encourages families to provide feedback about the program so far and to offer suggestions for how MAPP can best help them. 
During the school day, you can find Mr. Stacey welcoming students and visitors to the counseling office as Marian’s Counseling Associate. 
To learn more about Marian Athletics, visit www.marianmustangs.com or follow Marian Athletics on social media at @marianmustangs. 

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