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Student Wellness

Marian provides you with the tools and support you need to navigate life's challenges confidently and compassionately.

We are committed to ensuring our students are equipped with knowledge and resources to successfully manage their emotions, maintain healthy relationships, solve problems, show empathy, and make responsible decisions in light of gospel values.

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Social + Emotional Wellness

From monthly school culture meetings, expert guest speakers, to regular faculty professional development, school culture and student wellness are a top priority. We focus on fostering the following five competencies through day-to-day instruction and interactions:

These skills help students. . . 

  • Identify and verbalize feelings and emotions during both positive and challenging moments.
  • Use healthy coping skills, such as prayer and exercise, to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Practice open and productive communication with peers, parents, and teachers.
  • Acknowledge, respect, and learn about others’ perspectives and diverse cultures. 
  • Make reasonable and sound decisions when faced with social and peer pressures.


Marian counselors offer comprehensive support—academic, college, career, and personal counseling—to all students.

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School Safety

At Marian, we think ahead.  With the guidance of our in-house Medical Crisis Coordinator, we've implemented numerous safety measures to ensure we remain your partner in creating a nurturing and thriving community.