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Following the example of Mary our Mother who brought Jesus to the world, we respond to the most pressing needs of our time through spreading the liberating mission of Jesus Christ to the poor, abandoned, and oppressed.

Marian students are committed servant leaders. Whether cooking at a homeless shelter or encountering garbage dump communities on a mission trip, this service to our brothers and sisters is at the heart of what being a Marian Mustang is all about.

Christ has no body but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes with which he looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good.

St. Teresa of Avila

Service Immersion Trips

Picture this: You, alongside other passionate students, stepping into the heart of a Central America garbage dump community for a week of life-changing service immersion. As you paint murals and renovate homes alongside locals, the sense of unity and purpose transcends language barriers. Reflecting on the day's experiences under the setting sun, you realize the profound impact of your journey – not just on the community you've served, but on your own growth and understanding of the world.

students smile with community they visit in Central America

Annual Trips

Marian's annual mission trip to Central America takes place during February mid-winter break for juniors and seniors. Students visit families, assist local schools, and complete vital community projects. Each day is filled with impactful experiences, from heartwarming encounters with families to engaging in local traditions.

Students smile while painting a house on the mission trip

International Samaritan

Marian trips are in partnership with International Samaritan, an international nonprofit dedicated to raising the standard of living in garbage dump communities through a blend of hands-on service and advocacy work.

mission trip participants dance with children of the community

Personal Growth

The trip will stretch you to grow in compassion, service, sacrifice, and advocacy, empowering you to step out in leadership long after returning home. Reflection sessions at the end of each day foster personal growth, spiritual development, and cultural understanding.

Service to our Local Communities

Each year, Marian students average thousands of service hours and over $25,000 in donations to our local communities.

students smile with easter basket service project


The Marian Acts of Christian Service (MACS)  empowers students to actively demonstrate their faith and values by assisting those in need, guided by the principles of spiritual and corporal works of mercy. While we require our students to complete a minimum of 40 service hours to graduate, many students far exceed the requirement as they develop meaningful relationships within the community they serve. 

Culture of Service

Our culture of service runs through everything we do. From classes, clubs, student orgs, and athletic teams, service is a crucial component. Every year, students collectively contribute thousands of service hours to support approximately 35 different organizations.

student holds halloween costume that she is donating to the halloween drive.

Donation Drives

Marian supports countless student-led donation drives for causes our young women are passionate about each year, whether it be collecting Halloween costumes for those who would otherwise go without or donating board games to children hospitals.